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custom + comm auction [closed]
hello! screams please read the notes

will come with a bust because it ... usually does! The last one I worked on looked a bit like this (belongs to @/creobroter)

will be approximately this size (tall nugget)

> Starting bid: $50
> Minimum increase: $5
> Buyout: none
> Bid comment here!
> Nothing in terms of species/concept is excluded currently -- I will discuss rarities/special features are negotiable
> There will be a form for you to fill in depending on the species, so it's not provided here /o
> Auction will end 48 hours from the first bid !
or single if you'd really like -- I don't think I can take more than one for now so just the one slot !

characters belong to @/quaazera above!
:iconyukibuns:yukibuns 12 37
OC: Boys by bedbugmochi OC: Boys :iconbedbugmochi:bedbugmochi 217 11 its beginning to look a lot like kalemas by mameedoodles its beginning to look a lot like kalemas :iconmameedoodles:mameedoodles 68 3 [OC] Experimental Cheebs by SkylarkKai [OC] Experimental Cheebs :iconskylarkkai:SkylarkKai 36 4 Sketch Commission Batch 07 by Luxiella Sketch Commission Batch 07 :iconluxiella:Luxiella 79 21 Everybody wants to be a CAT by Cornspiracy Everybody wants to be a CAT :iconcornspiracy:Cornspiracy 26 2
spooky nights [event...]
Skeldas; an urban legend rumoured to have as many wings as a murder of crows, notorious for their love of dissecting and consuming galatierfolk
good little galatiers, don't go out at night
Skeldas will find you
he'll cut off your wings
eat your jewels
your eyes
and all your stars
good little galatiers, don't go out at night
someone's coming for you
... soon ..!!
:iconyukibuns:yukibuns 35 15
[closed] Cursor Commission Auction
HI here's your chance to get a custom cursor commission through commission auction
This will come with all 14 different sprites and will be animated!
If you ignore the rules your bid is void.
You agree to my Terms of Service upon purchasing.
Payment must be sent within 48 hours.
Paypal or Points accepted! Please bid in USD regardless of payment type. 1usd = 100 points.
Reply to the previous bidder to place your bid.No holds at this time.I will not be designing any aspect of your character for you. Have visual references ready.
Please note that these are VERY SMALL sprites. Details will be reduced or ignored.Furries are okay, but again, these are VERY SMALL. There will be no obvious muzzle.I do not know if this is compatible with Mac. Please look into it on your own.
If you don't know how to set a custom cursor on your PC please look into it. (its really easy dw)When d
:iconwyvernbites:WyvernBites 10 15
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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Cayman Islands

Hello! My name is Anna. I'm formally known as crestitella, but I currently reside under the nickname cresii.


Commissions - [Closed]
Art Requests - [Always Closed]
Art Trades - [Friends Only]
Custom Adopts - [Friends Only]

Halloween Banner by Cresii

- The Night of the Shadow Walkers -

"On cold, hallow nights like this, when the sister moons tuck behind the canopy of dread. Souls born of darkness wander the land of the Prince of Shadows. 
A land where the queen's charcoal branches scratch at the midnight sky. Her blossoms as murky as ink, scatter from the towering canopy. Her children see their soon-to-be king on the horizon and flood the air, their wings creating a horrific uproar. He arrives in the flock of spirits with an outstretched arm, beckoning you to take it."


Hi guys! This event will be a tiny bit different from the past events. In this event all MYO silks are restricted to a selective few elements that you must make your silks. 


MYO elemental themes for this event are:
Darkness, Ghost, Death, Misfortune, Parasite, Storm and Sweet Tooth



You will be provided with bases for this specific event! 
(Dainties sadly get a ticket out of this event for being more rare than robusts uh-oh) 

Regular Base Preview | Robust Base Preview


  • One slot per person, which means you can grab one design per person.
  • Please do not claim for your friends. Let them claim the slot for themselves.
  • Please do not enter this event if you entered the previous MYO event and still have not submitted a design.
  • Your silk's element MUST be any of the elements listed above or in the form!
  • If you would like someone else to pay for your slot, you can. But you must claim the slot yourself.
  • You will be asked to provide links to existing active accounts if you claim a slot with a blank account.
  • Unused slots can be resold for the same price they were purchased at, but not traded. And no vouchers.
  • If you wish to sell the slot to someone, it is required to let me know beforehand and who it is going to.
  • In regards to commissions, you are allowed to commission an artist to design your MYO, but please run the artist and price by me first.
  • You are allowed to add particle effects or elemental effects to your design to show its element.
  • This MYO has a deadline to complete. All designs MUST be submitted by January 31st 2018.

  • Each slot is $25 USD.
  • Be sure that you can pay for your slot. If you are unable to pay within 24 hours, your slot is void.
  • Paypal only. USD only.
  • Please do not post your MYO anywhere public until it has been approved officially.
  • If you would like to edit your MYO even after it has been approved, you may but only with minor edits.
  • If you would like to majorly change the design of the MYO once made, you can't. I may offer a trade in if possible.
  • Please refrain from adding elemental traits (not to be confused with elements in general). This MYO is not blessed, but natural traits.
  • For this event, all body type traits are restricted to regular and robust. No additional price for robusts.
  • You are allowed two elements for your silk (not traits, but natural elemental magic). 
  • KEEP IN MIND -- Both elements MUST be the same elements specified above or in the form!
  • No rare traits are allowed in this myo.
  • No horn traits are allowed. (horns are currently being revamped)
  • You are free to design a tier III shayura for this event. Cilas is kind enough to heighten the friendship level of any shayura in this event!
You can find the silk rarity page here and my TOS here!
For info on Shayura, check here.


One // Comment below to Claim a slot. (Do not wait for me to make a comment post! Please go ahead!)
Two // I will confirm your slot by replying to your comment.
Three // After I comment, I will request that you send your paypal address to me over PM so that I may forward you an invoice or request.
Four // Please pay within 24 hours to officially own a MYO slot.
Five // Once you have been confirmed for a slot and have a valid design for the MYO silk, please fill out this form below and send it to my Silk account on

User: (Silk @ link to your active account)
Paypal Email: (the paypal address that was billed)
Element: (Must be darkness, ghost, death, misfortune, parasite, storm and sweet tooth)
Shayura: (Tier I, II, or III) (I haven't included the shayura in the base but if you feel you must have a shayura please pick the tier!)
Artist: (Artist user @ link to their account -- IF you're not using the base)
Design: (link to your MYO silk here)


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chizuny Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for the watch! ;w; greatly apreciated!
Cresii Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
runs in with a straw and slurps your art.
chizuny Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i least have some cereals with it
Yoo-Min-Hee Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch hon! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ, i really appreciate it!( ˘ ³˘)♥
Cresii Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
EYES YOUR COMMISSIONS. sweaty palms, money in hand.
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